Projectskeyboard_arrow_rightBlockchange: Blockchain Technology for Social Change

Blockchange: Blockchain Technology for Social Change

How can we use blockchain technology for social good?

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Distributed ledger technologies like blockchain are increasingly believed to offer value beyond the world of cryptocurrencies. As a tool for addressing information asymmetries, Blockchain could be capable of empowering underserved populations and helping to address public problems. This project examines how blockchain can establish social change across three areas.




The Rockefeller Foundation
Raul Zambrano


By providing new ways to securely identify individuals and organizations, and record transactions of various types in a distributed manner, blockchain technologies have been heralded as a new tool to address information asymmetries, establish trust and improve governance. The GovLab’s Blockchange initiative, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, studies the promise and practice of leveraging blockchain to achieve social change objectives across three types of use case: identity, track & trace, and smarter contracting.


Stefaan Verhulst

Andrew Young

Hannah Pierce

Michelle Winowatan

Juliet McMurren

Olivia Clark