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NETmundial Solutions Map

How to develop an open map of the field of Internet Governance through crowdsourcing?

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Across the world, the Internet has rapidly become essential to people’s daily lives. Access to the Internet impacts all aspects of society. Subsequently, how the Internet is governed has grown in importance but also has become much more complex to navigate. In particular:

  • Information about internet governance is scattered and hard to find.
  • Internet governance is a global issue that requires collaboration and coordination, yet identifying who is already working on what issue within and across countries is currently difficult;
  • Information sharing on Internet governance can enable bottom-up participation and lead to increasingly legitimate and effective solutions




Association for Progressive Communications
Center for Global Communication studies
Friends of the IGF
Global Internet Policy Observatory
Global Partners Digital
Internet Policy Observatory
Internet & Jurisdiction
Instituto de Tecnologia & Sociedade do Rio
Media Change and Innovation
MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance
Observatório da Internet no Brasil
University of Oxford
FGV - Funda??o Getúlio Vargas - Direito Rio


The NETmundial Solutions Map, an activity of the NETmundial Initiative, is a tool to support decision makers at all levels and across sectors to make informed decisions on how to govern different aspects of the Internet by providing an open platform of information sharing and collaboration across Internet governance issues. It is designed to facilitate a “distributed Internet governance ecosystem that can propel the Internet as a shared, neutral, and global resource for human solidarity and economic progress (NETmundial Initiative).”

The Map, currently released in Beta, is organized around connections between Internet governance issues, actors, solutions and resources and supports several functionalities, including:

  • A searchable, interactive open database of issues, actors, solutions and resources
  • A visualization of connections between actors, responses and resources
  • A crowdsourced content repository
  • A platform to support action


Stefaan Verhulst