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Network of Innovators

Can we accelerate innovation in government by making expertise of individuals searchable?

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There is possibly no more important public issue today than how to enable our governing organizations to recognize and implement innovative and effective solutions to problems. Administrations that are supposed to solve critical problems on their own are inadequate for a complex, networked world. Governments need to learn to make use of the expertise of others — formal scientific knowledge and credentials, skills and experiences inside and outside of government — to tackle the challenges society will face in the coming years.


United States
United Kingdom


Argentina, Office of the Chief Technology Officer of Buenos Aires
South Australia, Office of Participation and Partnerships
External Relations, Strategic Engagement and Communications, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Government of South Australia
Canada, Policy Innovation, Central Innovation HUB and Executive Director, Citizen Engagement, Government Communications and Public Engagement, British Columbia
Chile, Ministerio de la Secretaria General de la Presidencia Mexico, Directora General de Datos Abiertos, Coordinación de strategia Digital Nacional Presidencia de la República and Director General de Innovación y Participación Ciudadana, Estrategia Digital Nacional, Presidencia de la Republica
United Kingdom, Director of Open Data and Government Innovation at the Cabinet Office, Open Government Lead


NoI is premised on the belief that traditional titles and academic credentials do not adequately convey the skills and experiences people have and would willingly share. By promoting the exchange of knowledge about more agile, data-driven, open and collaborative approaches to working, NoI aims to enhance how we govern and solve public problems.

Results & Impact

This project is still in its infancy with deployments of the platform in eight countries anticipated during 2015. The anticipated impact, however, is greater understanding and demonstration of how targeting people -- in this case government employees -- on the basis of their skills can accelerate innovation.


Beth Simone Noveck

Batu Sayici

Anupama Sharma

Andrew Young

John Krauss

Claudio Mendonca

Christopher Wong

Atul Varma

David Naffis

Mark Adkins-Hastings

Anna Bialas

Ena Bek