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How to begin implementing and measuring the impact of open data in healthcare

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The National Health Service England has launched a series of initiatives to begin opening its healthcare data with the intent to positively impact outcomes. Despite widespread recognition of the value proposition of open data, there is little understanding of whether and how open data initiatives definitively lead to improved outcomes in healthcare. This project aims to establish a healthcare open data model that can be used by researchers and program managers to design their open data initiatives and then measure their impact.


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NHS England


NHS England and The GovLab released The Open Data Era in Health and Social Care in May 2014 as a model for measuring the impact of open data in healthcare to inform future priorities and investments in open data programs. Specifically, this model identifies and evaluates the following six value propositions for impact measurement:

  • Accountability: The use of data to hold healthcare organizations and providers accountable for treatment outcomes.
  • Choice: Providing open data to help patients make informed choices from among the healthcare options available to them.
  • Efficiency: Improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery.
  • Outcomes: Improving treatment outcomes by using open data to make the results of different treatments, healthcare organizations, and providers’ work more transparent.
  • Patient satisfaction and customer service: Using open data to educate patients and their families and make healthcare institutions more responsive.
  • Economic growth and innovation: Using open data to fuel new healthcare companies and initiatives, and to spur innovation in the broader economy.

Results & Impact

The goal is that researchers and healthcare managers can use this open data model to help design and measure their own open data initiatives.


Stefaan Verhulst