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Open Data's Impact

What are the global impacts of open data?

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Recent years have witnessed considerable enthusiasm over open data. Several studies have documented its potential to spur economic innovation and social transformation, and to usher in fresh forms of political and government accountability. Yet for all the enthusiasm, we know little about how open data actually works, and what forms of impact it is really having.




Omidyar Network


In collaboration with Omidyar Network, the GovLab has conducted 19 detailed case studies of open data projects around the world and developed a key findings paper describing lessons learned across the projects examined. The case studies were selected for their sectoral and geographic representativeness. They were built in part from secondary sources (“desk research”), but also from a number of first-hand interviews with important players and key stakeholders. The case studies, key findings paper and other resources will be posted on the Open Data’s Impact repository in early 2016.


Andrew Young

Stefaan Verhulst

Christopher Wong

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