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Open Governance Research Exchange (OGRX)

How to make accessible insights on solving public problems?

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From crowdsourcing to nudges to open data to participatory budgeting, more open and innovative ways to tackle society's problems and make public institutions more effective are emerging. Yet little is known about what innovations actually work, when, why, for whom and under what conditions. Anyone seeking existing research relating to open data is confronted with sources that are widely dispersed across disciplines, often locked behind pay walls, and hard to search because of the absence of established taxonomies. As the demand to confront problems in new ways grows, so too does the urgency for making learning about governance innovations more accessible.





OGRX is a platform for browsing and sharing research findings about new, innovative ways to solve public problems. It seeks to curate and make accessible a diversity of findings on innovating governance.

Developed by the GovLab in collaboration with founding partners the World Bank Digital Engagement Evaluation Team and mySociety, OGRX provides:

  • A platform for researchers to share findings and methodologies;
  • A repository of theoretical and applied research on open and innovative governance techniques and tools;
  • A diversity of publication types – from research reports and journal articles to books and dissertations;
  • A taxonomy for browsing research by type of innovation, objective, region, sector or tool;
  • The ability to submit new research for inclusion on the site; and
  • A community for those interested and committed to studying the impact of governance innovations and a place for those with research questions to connect to those with projects to study.


Stefaan Verhulst

Andrew Young

Greyson Nevins-Archer

Christopher Wong

Claudio Mendonca

Mark Adkins-Hastings

Denny Tek

Anna Bialas