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Open Justice

A comprehensive 10-module course in Spanish and English to train public officials on how to use new technologies to improve the judicial system.

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Open justice is a growing movement to use new technologies, including big data, digital platforms, blockchain and more, to improve our legal system by making the workings of our legal institutions easier to understand and scrutinize. The term describes the use of new technology to foster data transparency, courtroom openness, and public engagement in order to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy of the courts and promote better public policy. Because of these new technologies and tools, the opportunity for more diverse people to make improvements to the judicial system has never been greater.




The Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary of Mexico


“Introduction to Open Justice” is a self-paced massively open online course (MOOC) designed to aid those developing open justice projects to advance their work. Created primarily for lawyers, judges, and public officials but also technologists, and members of the public, the course consists of 10 modules which serve as introductions to different aspects of open justice. It trains public entrepreneurs in strategies for using technology, especially data, to increase efficiency, improve equity, fight corruption and enhance legitimacy in the third branch of government.


Results & Impact

Launched in january 2019, we anticipate coaching a dozen projects arising from the course beginning this spring.


Beth Simone Noveck

Victoria Alsina

Dinorah Cantu-Pedraza

Matt Ryan

Dane Gambrell

Auralice Graft

Darshana Narayanan

Pablo Collada

Leonardo Ferreira de Oliveira

Anirudh Dinesh